Keep track of your vital information and share it with the people that matter most.

“What happened today? Who came? What did they do?” Automate your programme monitoring and get a live feed of what’s happening across your organization.

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William Crawford, Data Manager, YearBeyond

Teampact has given the YearBeyond Programme greater speed in data turnaround. Its ability to reflect live data allows for real-time intervention and accurate understanding.

Nicci van der Merwe, M+E Director, Waves for Change

Teampact has allowed us to track attendance way more easily, way more accurately, and in a way that is fun and engaging for the coaches and participants!

Tag Rugby Association Executive Director, Stuart McConnell

“We’ve cut our admin hours by almost 60% and are now running an extremely efficient, transparent reporting system”

Who is Teampact for?

Teampact is used by a growing number of charities, schools, sports foundations, development funders and businesses to keep track of the activities they deliver and the people they deliver their activities to.

With Teampact, you’ll no longer need to collect paper registers or compile reports from shared spreadsheets. Teampact does this for you, letting you dedicate more time to decision making, relationship building and team management.

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How do Teampact members use their Teampact data?

Charities share it with their donors to build trust. Researchers use it as a foundation for impact measurement. Schools and creches share it with their parents. HR administrators use it to monitor and pay staff in remote and offline areas.

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How does Teampact work?

Teampact comprises a data-light mobile app for users working in the field and a powerful back-end dashboard for those with laptop access.

The Teampact App is designed to work in areas where connectivity can be a barrier and allows anyone in your team to document their day-to-day activity live. The Teampact Dashboard allows everyone in your organization to see what happened today, yesterday, last week, last month. Even last year! Sortable, intelligent digital data.

Teampact allows you to document every activity your organization has ever delivered, and every person that has ever attended. No more spreadsheets. No more paper trails. All your essential data in one place.

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